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Pull-Out Shelves For Pallets Racking


Pull-Out System for Pallets

For up to 1000 kg per drawer, installed in pallet racks,

Tiered drawers for pallet racking systems

 For installation on crossbeams in pallet racks or directly on the ground

• Converts a pallet rack into a drawer rack
• Suitable for almost all commercially available pallet racks
• Goods are easily accessible from 3 sides without hydraulic trolley or forklift
• Ergonomic working positions, makes acrobatics and athletic effort unnecessary

• Space-saving due to reduced aisle widths

• More safety thanks to drawer stops

 Design: Established, robust steel construction with support

components, high-quality ball bearing guides, fastening materials
included in delivery. Pallet stops are already installed at the
back and supplied separately for the front. The default color is
blue RAL 5010, other colors, as shown above, are available but
extend the delivery time by 3 weeks.


Load capacity of the pallet rack:
For unilaterally extractable drawers the front crossbeam must
have a higher load capacity than the drawer-load.
These crossbeams must be designed for these forces.
Optionally, this information should be requested from the original
suppliers of the pallet rack.

The general rule is:
Per unit (several drawers above each other) only one drawer
can be pulled out at a time.
Closed drawers must be locked securely.
The pallet racking system must be anchored to the floor.
The crossbeams must be screwed to the frame.


Unilateral Extension - Basic model
extensible 62 - 70 %





Unilateral Extension - Basic model
extensible 100%



Pull-Out System for Pallets
for floor installation at pallet racks
for up to 1000 kg per drawer




 Floor Drawer with rail guidance

• Load side = Extension side. Open model - ideal for loading the by hydraulic trolley
• Handle on the right side with locking function
• Manually controlled
Loading from the front




Drawer for freestanding floor installation
Loading with lifting truck possible

Ball bearing mounted support wheels at the front provide a high
extension capacity and make the unit easily maneuverable.




Drawer for freestanding floor installation
Loading with lifting truck not possible


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