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Welcome to Rack Storage UK Limited

Rack Storage (UK) Limited are a specialist supplier of storage solutions in the UK dedicated to the fast and efficient supply of Heavy Duty Storage Requirements, Industrial Racking, Office Shelving, Mezzanine Floors and all types of Specialist racking requirements.

Our products are sourced from the UK and worldwide to ensure the best value for money is obtained whilst retaining outstanding quality. We deliver to anywhere in the UK and many of our products are delivered to an agreed delivery date.

about 9 hours ago

87% of the Room is now utilized storage space, saving time, money & space.efficient working in a business, impressive http://t.co/xOrMMvdLHs

about 9 hours ago

The Beginning to improving you space and storage requirements http://t.co/xH5ACsZ43T

about 9 hours ago

Space is all around us but we don't see it until we open our eyes... .. look up and around not down !!! see the space http://t.co/zy5oyiMKDe

about 9 hours ago

Sometime you have a little more space than you thing !!! http://t.co/a67SsQ0f9p

4 days ago

New installation 74 off 100% Shelves impressive .. holding 650 off Mould tools of various sizes. Job Well done. http://t.co/9IsUs6p0rW